Bye, Bye…

Though using the blogging account of the KDE Sysadmins, this is a rather personal blog entry. I’ve decided, effective immediately, to stop working as KDE Sysadmin. I’ve noticed that my personal mental health is suffering from working on KDE on combination with a very demanding day time job.

The last weeks I could not help with the SCM-server trouble we were faced with and noticed that I did not really care, though ‘dumping’ that work to the other sysadmins did not feel good either. Anyhow, the ‘did not really care’ is a good sign that it’s time to find something else to do (though you might spot me doing special projects for the sysadmin team).

I have decided not to seek another project where I could do sysadmin tasks, I really don’t want to do sysadmin jobs in the evening / weekends at all anymore. I will seek other volunteer work, hopefully something that won’t involve a computer at all. For now I’ve only decided to learn Russian…

Anyhow, I won’t waste your time any longer. I wanted to thank you for the past years, it has been fun over all, I ended up with a couple of good friends, a great experience in different areas and even an Akademy-award.

I hope I made a tiny bit of a difference within the community and hope you will succeed in the mission to konquer the world. I’ve the deepest respect for you all. Bye, Bye.

Tom Albers

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