Improvements to Continuous Integration

Over the past few weeks, the build scripts supporting our Continuous Integration system at have been refactored in some areas, and have had some extra features implemented as well. This refactoring has laid the foundations for building multiple projects at the same time – something we will need later when implementing support for automatic uploading of results to Coverity.

Support for two code analysis tools has also been added, namely cppcheck and lcov,┬ácomplete with publishing of results in Jenkins. Because they require significant time to complete, or a specific configure time option, neither has been enabled by default at the moment. If you would like to request them for your project, please file a ticket and we’ll sort it out.

Finally, we have changed the way we build Qt 5, which should hopefully eliminate some of the build failures projects have experienced when using the Qt 5 we were previously building. Unfortunately this means Jenkins will no longer be tracking the exact Git revision being built though.

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