Reviewboard and Bugzilla mails no longer need moderation


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First of all: Hi from the sysadmin team blog. From now on, sysadmin team members will use a common blogging platform for KDE sysadmin related stuff. The feed will be coming from This site will not only show blogs, but also status updates on the right andĀ holds an easy to use link to our new shiny ticketing system.

Yes, we are moving out of bugzilla in favor of a real ticketing system. This gives a bunch of advantages, one of which will be that we can unify our todo list as mail addressed to sysadmins will end up in this system as well. Next to that we can modify fields for different topics, so we can immediately ask additional questions when you ask for a tarball to be moved to some place on the ftp-server compared to asking your irc nick when you want a irc mask. Improvement for us.

The sysadmin-site will be expanded soon with a description of all the services we offer for KDE contributors, this will replace most of the stuff we now have hanging around in Etherpad, sysadmin svn repository and on communitybase for example. We have scattered the information a bit to much we think.

Apart from the server troubles of last weeks, I thought I would mention some positive item. Ben Cooksley managed to find a nice way for us to deal with automatic mails generated by Reviewboard and Bugzilla. These usually end up in the moderation queue of the mailinglist, but now we have implemented a way where those mails will automatically be approved and no longer be put on hold for moderation.

2 Responses to “Reviewboard and Bugzilla mails no longer need moderation”

  1. Annma

    Thanks for all this, all this work on KDE infrastructure is very important for us, KDE contributors. Your team is constantly improving stuff and is always transparent, and while your work is behind the scenes, all KDE contributors are grateful for what you do!

  2. mck182

    Thanks a million for that bugzilla and reviewboard mails! That’s legend. As is all your work.

    Oh and very very cool logo btw! Quite accurately expressing the sysadmin team imho :)

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